Saul Montoya Heredia M.Sc.

Senior Hidrogeologist – Numerical Modeler



Carrer Summary:


Technical Director, Gidahatari, Lima


Associated Teacher, Catholic University, Lima


Hydrogeologist – Numerical Modeler, MWH Peru, Lima


Numerical Modeler, Golder Associates, Lima


Hydrogeologist – Numerical Modeler, Ground Water International, Lima


Education/Professional Development:


Master of Science in Water Resources Engineering and Management – WAREM, Universität Stuttgart, Germany

Full scholarship from the Catholic Academic Exchange Service, Germany


Bachelor of Science with major in Civil Engineering, 1st Class, Peruvian Catholic University, Lima




Thesis advisor: Distributed hydrogeological modeling of the Rimac Basin and impact evaluation from global warming


Thesis advisor: Multiphase flow modeling for hydrocarbon contamination in groundwater


Thesis advisor: Regional surface-groundwater modeling considering unsaturated flow calibrated with remote sensing


Investigation Program: Coupling Earth Observation Data into a hydrological model for an andean basin


Investigation Program: Water Balance Analysis using GIS


Master Thesis Project: Modeling of the groundwater flow in the catchment of the Al-Haza oasis and verification with isotope information


Independent Study Project: Relating actual drawdown values in pumped wells to the drawdown in corresponding coarse grid finite difference groundwater flow models and vice versa




Mr. Montoya teaches the following courses on water resources:

Mining Hidrogeology
GIS in Water Resources Management
Management and Interpretation of Water Chemistry Data
Environmental Flow Determination
Python in Hidrology
Applied Hydrology with HEC-HMS

He is teacher of this group of courses on groundwater modeling: 

Aquifer Modeling with MODFLOW
Tailings Seepage Modeling with MODFLOW
Contaminant Transport Modeling with MODFLOW and MT3DMS
Geochemical Modeling with PHREEQC


Software Skills:

Groundwater Flow Modeling:

Model Muse, Visual MODFLOW, GMS, GWViewer

Hydrological Modeling:


Programing Languages:

Python, IPython, Scipy, Numpy, Matplotlib, Django

Geographical Information Systems:

QGIS, Saga GIS, Map Window, ArcGIS 


Field Hydrogeology Skills:

Mr. Montoya is proficient on the following field hydrogeology tasks:

Hydrogeological mapping

Sampling of water physical and chemical parameters

Piezometer development and sampling

Groundwater monitoring networks design

Low flow gauging in gullies

Flow gauging in rivers

Design and develop of pumping test

Diver installation

Soil pit pumping test


Project Experience:

Quechua Project Hydrogeological Study, Cuzco – Peru. Numerical modeler for the simulation of tailings leakage and interaction with pit inflows. Analysis of the water balance from rainfall - runoff over the entire mine area of influence. Groundwater regime modeling in transient mode with FEFLOW along mine life and closure.

Distributed Hydrological Modeling for the Galeno Mining Project, Cajamarca – Peru. Hydrological modeling with USGS PRMS on an andean basin with high dependence on the watershed response from elevation. Modeling work was coupled with earth observation data and had three steps of calibration. 

Navidad Mining Project Hydrogeological Study, Patagonia – Argentina. Distributed hydrological modeling with USGS PRMS with snow accumulation. Main interest on recharge evaluation to the groundwater system in an arid environment. Hydrogeologist responsible for developing the hydrogeological model to predict the groundwater resource potential, inflows to mine workings and potential drawdown impacts. Transient numerical modeling undertaken with MODFLOW, PEST and Visual MODFLOW 

Antapaccay Project Environmental Impact And Feasibility Assessment, Cuzco – Peru. Numerical modeler in charge of assessing pit inflows as well as impact on regional groundwater flow regime. Numerical tasks regarding mine drainage were also developed over the mine life and pit flooding was iteratively evaluated. Transient numerical modeling undertaken with MODFLOW, GIS and Visual MODFLOW 

Hydrogeological Model of Irrigation Areas Antamina Huarmey Port, Peru. Hydrogeologist on hydrogeological mapping, Guelph permeameter testing, well monitoring, nitrogen slug testing and hydrochemical data processing. Data analysis and hydrogeological model conceptualization.

West Marcapunta Project Hydrogeological Study - El Brocal Mining Company, Pasco – Peru. Hydrogeologist responsible of groundwater modeling the West Marcapunta Project. Discretization of rock alterations. Simulation of future scenarios of mine development. Application of direct and indirect indicators to model groundwater flow. Comprehensive understanding of actual and future tunnel inflows.

Global Hydrogeological Study – El Brocal Mining Company, Pasco – Peru. Numerical modeling of the entire area of interest of open pit operations and underground mining from Colquijirca Mining Unit. Numerical representation of the current water inflows to the mine and prediction of future inflows related with the mine expansion. Static and transient numerical modeling with MODFLOW and Visual MODFLOW.

Paragsha Mining Unit  Hydrogeological Study  – Cerro De Pasco, Volcan Mining Company, Pasco – Peru. Numerical modeling of groundwater flow regime in the current open pit and underground operations of the Paragsha Mining Unit. Model calibration with current inflows to surface and underground mining works and transient inflow simulation related to expansion of mining operations. Impact assessment in the regional groundwater flow regime from the construction of a drainage tunnel to the Milpo river basin.

Puntayacu Tunnel Hydrogeologic Study – Simsa Mining Company, Pasco – Peru. Modeling of actual mine inflows to the San Vicente Mine and the future connection scenario with the Puntayacu Tunnel. Complex regional model conceptualization calibrated with current inflows. Transient numerical modeling simulation undertaken with MODFLOW, SURFACT and Visual MODFLOW 

Pomatales Gully Basin Hydrogeologic Study - Ferrocarril Transandino S.A., Cuzco – Peru. Groundwater evaluation from remote sensing interpretation, spatial data analysis and numerical modeling. Groundwater flow characterization on the area of influence of the Quebrada de Pomatales between the railroad progressive Km 44 +000 to Km 55 +000. Numerical modeling with MODFLOW under static conditions.


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Posted on January 10, 2014 .