Timothy D. Steele, Ph.D.


TDS Consulting Inc. (1996-Present), President/Hydrologist

Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Institut für Geographie, Lehrstuhl für Geoinformatik, Geohydrologie und Modellierung. (2001-2011), Guest Lecturer and Research Fellow [supported during 2007-2011 by the Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung]

Exponent Inc. (Failure Analysis Associates). (1998-1999), Managing Scientist, Boulder, CO

Technische Universität Darmstadt, Institut für Wasserbau und Wasserwirtschaft (1998-2001), Research Fellow [Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung support 1998-1999] and Guest Lecturer

HSI GeoTrans Inc./Simons Li & Associates, Inc. [Tetra Tech Inc. affiliates]. (1996-1998), Principal Hydrologist, Lakewood and Westminster, CO

Balloffet and Associates, Inc. (B&A) (1994-1996), Principal Associate (Water Resources) and Denver Office Director; Associate Consultant; Senior Consultant, Denver, CO

Advanced Sciences, Inc. (ASI) (1989-1994), Manager/Director, Water Resources/Physical-Sciences Department; Manager, Water-Resources Group; Director, Physical-Sciences Group, Lakewood, CO

In-Situ, Inc. (1983-1989) Manager, Consulting Division; Water Resources Manager and Associate

Woodward-Clyde Consultants (WCC). (1980-1983), Senior Project Hydrologist and  Chief, Water Quality Group, Denver, Colorado

Universität Bayreuth, Lehrstuhl für Hydrologie, Bayreuth, FDR (West Germany). (1979), Guest Professor and Research Fellow [Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung]

U.S. Agency for International Development. Water-Quality Technical Advisor Indus River Basin SCARPs, Lahore, West Pakistan (May-August 1972) [TDY from U.S. Geological Survey, WRD]

U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Division (USGS, WRD). (1966-1980), Research Hydrologist (California, District of Columbia, and Virginia) and Project Chief, Yampa River Basin Assessment Study, Colorado and Wyoming



Chairman, Upper Clear Creek Watershed Association (UCCWA) [Calendar Year 2001]

Life Member, American Geophysical Union (AGU), Hydrology Section [Secretary, 1970-72]

Member, International Water Resources Association (IWRA)

Member, International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS), International Commission on Water Quality (ICWQ) [U.S. National Correspondent, 1983-87]

Member, American Chemical Society (ACS) (1990-95)

Member, Colorado Ground Water Association (CGWA) [1994-1996]

Member, Colorado Lake and Reservoir Management Association (CLRMA) (1997-2003)

American Water Resources Association (AWRA), Colorado Section [Secretary, 1996-98;        President Elect, 1998-99; President 1999-2000; Past President, 2000-2001]

Phi Beta Kappa and other academic honorary societies

Treasurer/Board of Directors, Colts Neck Cluster Association (1973-75)

Board of Directors, Evergreen Metro District (1989-90)

Mountain Area (Jefferson County) Junior Science Fair Judge (1993-97)

Field Monitoring Task Force, Colorado Dept. of Public Health & Environment (1994-95)

Treasurer, West Meadow Road Committee (2000-2007)

Inductee, North Central High School Alumni Hall of Fame (May 27, 2008)

President, Lafayette Square Homeowners Association (2008-2010)



Ph.D., Hydrology, Stanford University, 1968

M.S., Hydrology, Stanford University, 1965    

A.B. magna cum laude, Chemistry, Wabash College, 1963



Advanced Certificate of Accomplishment in Accounting, USDA Graduate School, 1973

Water Resources Systems Short Course, Case Western Reserve University, 1974

USGS Short Courses: Decision Theory, 1975; Economic Analysis, 1977

Advanced Management Seminar, U.S. Civil Service Commission, 1977

ASI P*R*O*J*E*C*T (Project Managers') Course, Maggie Valley II, April 1992

OSHA Haz-Waste Operations Health-and-Safety Review, 1999; First Aid, 1997; CPR, 1997



Professional Hydrologist: #88-H-715 Member, American Institute of Hydrology (AIH) [1988-2002]



Water-Resources Evaluation & Development

319 Grant to the Upper Clear Creek Watershed Association (UCCWA), in further development of trace-metals stream standards (with CERCLA-regulatory interface), a watershed plan, and total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) assessments. Principal Investigator, (2004-present).  Statistical analyses for a use-attainability (UAA) study of the upper Clear Creek watershed associated with revised stream standards (2007-2008); input for regulatory stream-standards deliberations.

Statistical/graphical evaluation of long-term (1980-81; 1988-present) climatological and water-temperature data. Assessor, near Vathi, Ithaca, Greece (Fall 2011)

Restoration and sustainable management of Laguna Verde, State of Oaxaca, Mexico. Consultant, 2-week consultancy funded by the World Bank’s PREMIA effort on behalf of the Government of Mexico’s National Water Commission (CONAGUA), December 2008 – January 2009.

Literature review of hydrological-modification impacts on streamflows, downstream channel characteristics, and aquatic habitat, with reference to the Fraser River and upper Colorado River basin. Principal Investigator, (2006); review of Windy Gap Firming Project’s WQ aspects (2008).

Upper Eagle River watershed assessment of suitability of proposed trace-metals standards and modified stream segments for protection of aquatic life. Technical Advisor, on behalf of the Eagle River Watershed Council (ERWC, 2005-2006 and 2008-2009).

Design of a water-quality surveillance system for urban potable-water supplies. Project Manager, (SVCAPU, in collaboration with Ing. Eugenio Barrios and Ing. Arturo Tapia of Mexico), Government of Panama’s Ente Regulador de los Servicios Publicos (ERSP), funded by The World Bank (WB) through the UNDP (6-month project, 4 trips between July 2003 and January 2004).

Snake River watershed water-quality data assessment (Phase I), with evaluation of historical-mining impacts. Principal Hydrologist, collaboration with Northwest Colorado Council of Governments (NWCCOG) and The Keystone Center (USEPA 319 grant), on behalf of the Snake River Task Force (SRTF), during 2003-2004.  A Phase-II 319 Grant project looking at trace-metals loads-reduction impacts and remediation benefits was incorporated into a draft use-attainability analysis (2005-2007).  Data-analysis updates have been prepared for inclusion in the Snake River Watershed Plan (USEPA 319 grant, 2008) and are planned for a third USEPA 319 grant (2010).

Rural-area potable-water surveillance-system planning and design. Project Manager, (in collaboration with Ing. Eugenio Barrios and Ing. Arturo Tapia of Mexico), Government of Panama’s Ministry of Health, funded by The World Bank through UNDP (3 trips between November 2002-May 2003).

Development of a use-attainability analysis (UAA), mine-impacted stream reaches, including French Gulch and the Blue River near Breckenridge, Summit County, CO. Principal Investigator, (in collaboration with NWCCOG and Walsh Aquatic Consultants), funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) through a 319 grant from the CDPHE-WQCD (2002-2003).

Assessment of proposed mitigation criteria associated with wellhead protection of a municipal water supply’s infiltration gallery. Principal Investigator, River Place Co-Housing project, Steamboat Springs, Routt County, northwestern Colorado (2003).

Regional aquifer characterization and salinity issues, Mendoza Province. International Ground-Water Consultant, Argentina, on behalf of the UN’s Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO) -- 3 missions: September-October 2001, November-December 2001, and March 2002.

Regional groundwater protection and water-supply project (Phase-II) and study (Phase-III). Principal Investigator, (water-quality aspects), Teller County, Colorado (2000-2001).

Water-quality aspects of groundwater monitoring program and permit requirements, Western Mobile Lyons Pit, northern Boulder County, Colorado. Technical Advisor, (2000-present).

National groundwater planning and groundwater-quality network design, Assessor, Government of Chile, Dirección General de Aguas (DGA), Ministry of Public Works, in anticipation of proposed integrated water-resources management project (August 2000).

Water-quality assessment, Tarryall Creek watershed, Park County, Technical Advisor, on behalf of Centennial Water & Sanitation District’s 1041-permit application, Cline Ranch Water Project.

Reservoir/watershed data and surface-water/reservoir model-evaluation assessments, Principal Investigator, Chatfield Watershed Authority, Colorado (October/December 2000).

Various projects involving technical litigation support, water-quality impacts of water-resources development and QUAL2E and/or STREAMDO model review, Clear Creek watershed and South Platte River, Colorado, Water-Quality Technical Advisor, (confidential client).

Litigation support and document review and summaries, impacts of extreme-event flooding in Central California, levee-construction and maintenance aspects, Principal Investigator, (confidential client).

Design and implementation of surface-water monitoring network, Turkey Creek watershed, Colorado, Project Manager and Principal Investigator, [assessment of U.S. Highway 285 road-construction related impacts, Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)] (1999-2004).  Technical Advisor for Hoop Creek (U.S. Highway 40) annual surface-water monitoring program reports through Clear Creek Consultants on behalf of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) (2001-2006).

Environmental Protection Council (EPC) support, International Consultant, Republic of Yemen, planning and implementation of activities for a working group on water-resources protection (three monthly overseas missions: December 1998; April 1999; and September-October 1999).

Litigation support, impacts of extreme-event storm-runoff flows on pipeline crossing and right-of-way, due to changes in flood diversion-control structures along a U.S. highway in southeastern California, Principal Investigator, (confidential client).

Review of proposed sediment and nutrient total maximum daily loads (TMDLs), upper Newport Bay and San Diego Creek watershed, Principal Investigator, City of Newport Beach, California.

Phase-IV QUAL2E model applications and source-code enhancements (EPA 319 Grant), Project Chief, design/implementation of model workshops, upper Clear Creek watershed, Colorado.

Design and operation of groundwater-quality monitoring network and Agreement terms and deliberations, stormwater-quality detention and runoff issues, Principal Hydrologist, Chatfield Green Subdivision, near Chatfield Reservoir, Colorado.

Design of groundwater-quality monitoring networks (primary and secondary) and associated special-studies methodologies, Assessor for the Government of Mexico's National Water Commission (CNA), under the auspices of The World Bank's PROMMA project; preparation of annotated outline - practitioners' manual (1996-97), review of PROMMA program on behalf of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) (1998-2002), and strategy formulation of a regulation (Norma) for control of indirect wastewater discharges to the subsurface (groundwater protection).

Review and evaluation of potential water-quality concerns: The Pinery SW Subdivision, near Parker, Colorado. Project Chief; Plum Creek Wastewater Authority, near Sedalia, Colorado.

UNDP/UNEP-funded water-resources development master plan in North Xinjiang, China. Environmental Analyst (2 overseas missions: October 1994 and March-April 1995).

Seminar/Workshop on Water-Quality Monitoring Networks - Design Concepts and Evaluation Approaches. Lecturer, Summit Water Quality Committee and Northwest Colorado Council of Governments, CO.

Assessment of water-quality impacts (including preparation of expert testimony) for a water-development project in the southeastern Denver. Project Manager, Denver metropolitan area, Colorado.

Assessment of wastewater-treatment plant water-quality (nutrients and trace metals) impacts and evaluation of model-application results (preparation for expert testimony). Principal Investigator, North Fork Clear Creek and mainstem Clear Creek, City of Blackhawk, CO.

Compliance assessments of U.S./Illinois EPA stormwater prevention plan regulations. Principal Investigator, industrial sites in the Chicago metropolitan area, Illinois.

Preliminary assessment and selection of reservoir-impoundment water-quality models. Principal Investigator, (for Knight-Piesold), Alfaville development, Lagoa Dos Ingleses, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Lake Valsequillo reservoir-restoration study (water-quality data-analyses and modeling-review aspects). Principal Investigator, Angelopolis, City and State of Puebla, Mexico (funded by U.S. Department of Commerce, Trade Development Agency [TDA]).

Hydrological monitoring programs, monitoring-data interpretative reports, or regulatory-agency and legal-counsel interfacing for Clear Creek/Standley Lake, Cherry Creek Basin and Reservoir, Chatfield Basin and Reservoir, Chatfield Green Subdivision (Denver metropolitan area), Eagle River/Gore Creek near Vail, and Allen Homesite Homeowners Association near Crested Butte, Colorado. Project Manager, Technical support for in-Reservoir modeling, non-point-source plan, Reservoir control-regulation revision regulatory hearings, and data-analysis/monitoring-program review, Chatfield Basin.  Preliminary study of interfacing of QUAL2E and WASP4/META4 models for application to the upper Clear Creek watershed, CO; technical assistance to CDPHE on RI/FS (OU4); additional statistical evaluation of trace-metals data (2009).

Assessments of total-phosphorus/nutrient receiving water-body impacts: Waucondah wastewater facility, Perry Park Water & Sanitation District, near Larkspur, Colorado. Principal Investigator for; upper Clear Creek basin/Stanley Lake water-quality monitoring program and stream (QUAL2E) model study; feasibility study of expansion of Town of Empire wastewater treatment plant, and Plum Creek Wastewater Authority, near Sedalia (all in Colorado).

Wastewater trace-metals monitoring program and source-assessment investigations. Principal Investigator, City of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Bottom-sediment chemistry survey and impact assessment of toxic and hazardous substances. Principal Investigator, Laguna de Bay Lake, near Manila, the Philippines (URS International).

Study of the confined aquifer system of the San Luis Valley. Project Manager, San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Hydrologic impacts (monitoring, modeling of stream waste-assimilative capacity) of ski-area developments in central and south-central Colorado. Project Manager, central and south-central Colorado.

Design and operation of monitoring programs for urban runoff and development in the Denver metropolitan area (Chatfield and Cherry Creek basins), Colorado. Project Manager, assessment of non-point sources affecting the water quality of streams and impoundments, submittal of annual monitoring reports, and expert testimony; stormwater-quality deliberations and negotiations; Principal Investigator, technical monitoring-program evaluation, Chatfield Reservoir and watershed.

Expert testimony on water-diversion system sediment-related impacts. Project Manager, Medicine Bow National Forest lands, south-central Wyoming.

Regional water-resources assessment of the South Platte River basin. Project Manager, assessment including evaluation of un-appropriated streamflows, in northeastern Colorado.

Groundwater-supply feasibility in the southern Front Range (City of Colorado Springs). Project Manager of a groundwater-supply feasibility in the southern Front Range (City of Colorado Springs) area of Colorado.

Planned and managed the Yampa River Basin assessment. Project Chief with the USGS, WRD in Colorado.Three-year multidisciplinary project for the evaluation of regional impacts of coal development on water resources in Colorado and Wyoming.  Among the techniques used in this assessment were regional input/output economic analysis; field investigations of ambient streamflow water quality, water law and institutions; reservoir modeling techniques; groundwater solute-transport modeling; analysis of streamflow waste-assimilative capacity, studies of travel time and re-aeration; determinations of sediment yield; and several remote-sensing applications of LANDSAT imagery and aerial photography. He also completed a study for the Water Resources Council's 13(a) assessment program to evaluate potential impacts of synfuels development on water quality in the Upper Colorado River Basin (1975-1980).

Design and management of several national hydrologic programs. Research Hydrologist at the USGS headquarters in the Washington, D.C.  Reviewed the design and management of several national hydrologic programs and conducted a trend-analysis study of long-term water-quality data on behalf of the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ).  On short-term loan for the USGS to U.S. AID in Pakistan, he served on a four-member team to evaluate salinity control and reclamation project (SCARP) areas of the Indus River Basin (May-September 1972).


Environmental Assessments

Pollution Control Plan (PCP) component and Final Report, two estuarial bays near Concepción. Technical Advisor, Pollution Control Plan (PCP) component and Final Report, two estuarial bays near Concepción, Chile, through PCI-Americas with funding support from Inter-American Development Bank (IBD) on behalf of the Comisión Nacional del Medio Ambiente (CONAMA).

Water-resources aspects for Hanford remedial-action (HRA) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Task Manager, Washington.

Water-use/water-quality aspects, Nuclear Electric Propulsion space test Environmental Impact Statement, using the Topaz-II reactor. Task Manager, Florida and California.

Water-resources baseline and impact-analysis sections, Pease Air Force Base Reuse Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Task Manager, New Hampshire.

White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) hazardous landfill-site soils-sampling plan. Principal Investigator and/or Task Manager for White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) hazardous landfill-site soils-sampling plan; HELSTF groundwater sampling/analysis plan and diesel-spill IRM report; White Sands Missile Range Installation Comprehensive (Range Wide) EIS; Theater Missile Defense (TMD) ground-based radar (GBR) EA; Hawk Missile EA; Feral-horse and NASA-WSTF environmental resources document (ERD), near Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Wastewater treatment plant upgrade EA, Air National Guard facility, Wisconsin. Task Manager, reconnaissance survey of phenol sources in fuels or solvents, Air National Guard facility, Arizona.

Hydrological baseline characterization, proposed molybdenum mine in south-central Colorado. Project Manager, input sections to Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) (1980-82).


Mining Hydrology & Permitting

Water-quality characterization study, waste-rock piles, stream sediments, and mine-drainage impacts in the Gilson Gulch area of the upper Clear Creek watershed, Colorado. Principal Investigator, (CCWF, 2005).  This has led to a pending remediation-related 319 grant with the CDPHE-WQCD.  A similar study is pending for the upper Trail Creek subwatershed of Clear Creek (CCWF, 2006).  Review/technical-assistance, lower Trail Creek subwatershed (USEPA targeted grant, 2007).

Water-quality aspects, including field protocols and QA/QC procedures, environmental and groundwater-quality monitoring plans, Compañía Minera Antamina S.A. (CMA). Reviewer of water-quality aspects in mine and PPL (port-loading facility), near Huaraz, Peru (2005 and 2008, respectively).

Water-quality impacts and monitoring-program audit review, Exxon (Los Bronces and Disputada) and Cyprus-Amax El Abra mine facilities. Principal Investigator, Chile.

Field monitoring plan, gold-mine operations, design/implementation of water-quality monitoring courses. Peer Reviewer, Principal Investigator, U.S. Forest Service (USFS), Juneau, Alaska.

Mining-related water-quality monitoring-program evaluations and impact assessments. Principal Investigator for several mines located in Colorado, South Dakota, and California.

Groundwater-discharge plan for copper secondary recovery for the Phelps Dodge Corporation Tyrone Mine. Project Manager, project located near Silver City, New Mexico.

Water-quality impacts analysis. Principal Investigator, Torata River Flood Control Project, Peru


Remedial Investigations/Feasibility Studies/General Site Investigations

Groundwater-restoration assessment, uranium mill tailings pond, Shirley Basin, central Wyoming. Project Manager, Wyoming, USA

Clear Creek/Central City (CO) Superfund OU4 RI/FS. Technical Reviewer, under contract to and on behalf of the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE), Hazardous Materials & Waste Management Division (HMWMD).[2002-2004]

Water-resources/hazardous-wastes aspects and integrated environmental monitoring workshop. Principal Investigator, Denver Federal Center EIS and integrated studies task orders.

Pantex Plant (Texas) environmental-resources support (Mason & Hanger - Silas Mason Co., Inc. BOA008000, Area 11). Program Manager, coordinated proposals for biological-assessment, cold-war context literature, and natural-resources support-services task orders.

NEPA-related wetlands/threatened-and-endangered species studies; zero-offsite water-discharge study; non-point source/stormwater NPDES permit-application monitoring program. Task Manager and Principal Investigator; technical support and reviews of surface-water and groundwater monitoring programs; and various task-report and standard operating procedures peer reviews involving the Rocky Flats Plant (RFP, later named RFETS) near Denver, Colorado.

Multifaceted study for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) of groundwater flow and contaminant transport through saturated, fractured geologic media from high-level radioactive waste. Project Manager of a three-year investigation, This study involved interactive field investigations at a research wellfield site west of Spokane, Washington, evaluations of theoretical aspects of aquifer hydraulic properties, and innovative as well as state-of-the-art modeling applications.

Specialized water-quality problems involving gypsum-disposal fields. Principal Investigator, Florida.

Evaluation of steel-mill groundwater contamination. Principal Investigator, southern California.


Hydrocarbon Investigations

Potential hydrocarbon-contamination assessment and other sources and types of pollutants, airport facilities and nearby area, Bamako. Principal Investigator, Bamako, Mali (Millenium Challenge Corporation).

Potential gas-field impacts on groundwater contamination. Principal Investigator, western Nebraska.

Hydrocarbon-contamination characterization/remediation. Peer Reviewer, Colorado and Kansas.


Landfill Services

Ground-water monitoring plan, landfill sites near Albuquerque. Principal Investigator, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Water-quality data-assessment and hydrogeological-characterization reports: supporting documents and legal-counsel interfacing involving a wastewater lagoon-system closure plan. Task Manager, Hall's Bayou Ranch, Galveston County, Texas.



Use of hydrologic instrumentation for long-term monitoring (groundwater levels and water quality) in an arid environment. Technical consultation in Saudi Arabia, 1986.

Setting effluent-standards guidelines, synthetic-resins manufacturing sector. Principal Investigator for SEDESOL, Government of Mexico (1995).



Lecturer for Colorado’s Watershed Cookbook – Recipe for a Watershed Plan. Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, Water Quality Control Division, Nonpoint Source Program (2005).

Affiliate Faculty, Colorado State University (CSU), Department of Civil Engineering [1983-2008] Instructor, Short Course on Design of Water Quality Monitoring Networks, 1979-2005, & Member, Ph.D. dissertation committee, Program in Water-Resources Planning and Management.

Affiliate Faculty, Colorado State University, Department of Earth Resources [2001-2003]. Guest lecturer, Department of Natural Resources’ departmental and various course seminars (1983; 1987; 1995-96, 1998, and 2000) and Earth Resources Career Day (2000), and Member, Ph.D. dissertation committee, Department of Natural Resources.

Affiliate Faculty, Colorado State University (CSU), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering [2010-2011]. Member, Ph.D. dissertation committee, Department of Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering.

Guest Professor at German universities under research grants from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Conducted research, gave seminars, developed a short course, and collaborated with Institute staff and doctoral students (including review/comment on dissertations) involving various aspects of water-resources assessments and on water-quality investigations:

  • Universität Bayreuth, Lehrstuhl für Hydrologie, Germany, January-September 1979 (9 months), and
  • Technische Universität Darmstadt, Institut für Wasserbau und Wasserwirtschaft (IWHR), September-October 1998 and May-June 1999 (2 months’ extension, water-resources research).
  • Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Institut für Geographie, Lehrstuhl für Geoinformatik, Geohydrologie und Modellierung, research plan involving comparative critical evaluations of the EU’s water-framework directive (WFD) and the U.S. Clean Water Act and other water-quality regulations, during mid-March-mid-April 2007 and 2008, mid-August-mid-September 2009, and March 2011 (3+-months’ extension, applied research on water policy).


Technische Universität Darmstadt, Institut für Wasserversorgung, Abwassertechnik, Abfalltechnik, Umwelt, und Raumplanung (IWAR). Principal Lecturer, Block-Course on Integrated Watershed Approaches – The 3M Concept (Monitoring, Modeling, and Management), April 25-May 11, 2000 and April 30-May 17, 2001.


Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Institut für Geographie, Lehrstuhl für Geoinformatik, Geohydrologie und Modellierung, Guest Lecturer. Seminars and Short-Course on Integrated Watershed Approaches – The 3M Concept (Monitoring, Modeling, and Management): March 1-13, 2001; March 4-15, 2002; March 10-21, 2003; March 22-April 2, 2004, March 7-18, 2005, and March 20-31, 2006.


Guest Lecturer, Integrated Water-Resources Management (IWRM) concepts. Course for Arab water-resources professionals, Hessenwasser and affiliated German universities (May 23, 2008).



Dr. Steele has authored or co-authored a total of 110 papers, technical publications and book chapters; has written or contributed to 270 major consultant reports; and has made 215 oral presentations at technical meetings and symposia, university seminars, training courses and workshops, civic meetings, public meetings, and litigation support or formal proceedings (depositions and trial/expert testimony).  A full Bibliography can be provided upon request.



Dr. Steele’s mother tongue is English.  He is fluent in German and has studied Spanish (technical working knowledge, good reading, fair speaking), along with past courses and/or language instruction in French, Greek, Russian, and Latin.

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