Saul Montoya M.Sc.


Senior Hidrogeologist – Numerical Modeler

Mr. Montoya is a Civil Engineer graduated from the Catholic University in Lima with postgraduate studies in Management and Engineering of Water Resources (WAREM Program) from Stuttgart University – Germany with mention in Groundwater Engineering and Hydroinformatics. Currently Mr. Montoya is an associated teacher in the the Water Resources and Environment area of the Catholic University in Lima where he gives courses and research on the topics of integrated water resources management, and geographical information systems (GIS) on water resources management.

Mr Montoya has a strong analytical capacity for the interpretation, conceptualization and modeling of the surface and underground water cycle and their interaction. He is in charge of numerical modeling for contaminant transport and remediation systems of contaminated sites. Inside his hydrological and hydrogeological investigations Mr. Montoya has developed an holistic comprehension of the water cycle, understanding and quantifying the main hydrological dynamic process of precipitation, runoff, evaporation and recharge to the groundwater system.

He is an expert on the different tools for numerical groundwater modeling and distributed hydrological modeling, besides other softwares for water resources management and spatial data analysis. Mr. Montoya is related to programming and develops algorithms for the hydraulic parameters analysis, as well as specific coding for the water-surface interaction.

Mr. Montoya has done research on the regional flow on the Arabic Peninsula. In Peru, he has a wide experience on mining hidrogeology. For more than 7 years he has been involved on several projects regarding baseline studies, environmental impact studies, mine closure planning, impact assessment of the mining projects on the water resources, evaluation form seepage of tailings dams and water dumps, impact assess of reinjection systems, water inflow estimation to open pits and tunnels, and monitoring network design.

He is fluent in English and German. Spanish is his mother language.

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