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Cost (& Time) optimization of hydrogeological studies

Impact on groundwater flow from mining facilities could be evaluated many times alongs the different mining phases, many of these evaluation are done by different consultant companies. This post is focused on strategies and best practices for cost (& time) optimization, specially for hydrogeological investigation on mining projects.



How much does a groundwater modeler cost?


After my last job as a staff groundwater modeler I have received 6 unsolicited job offerings. Of course many modelers with more years and more conections than I have received much more offers, however, I feel happy with my humble record. The point of this comparison is that senior groundwater modelers with experience in mining hydrogeology are really scarce. Mining and consultant companies are looking for talented groundwater modelers, and somehow there are not much modelers coming out from the universities.




How to be a senior hydrogeologist in 6 years


When I was in second semester of my master degree, the course director gave me this advice: “Learn MODFLOW and you will have a job”. That was a small and sincere advice that helped me on the last eight years as hydrogeologist – numerical modeler. Nowadays, I want to give the guidelines for the interested people of how to be a senior hydrogeologist in 6 years.




Why consultants, mines and organizations should migrate to QGIS?

At the beginning it was not easy to get used to the QGIS environment, and sometimes I just did some basic stuff, and then shift to ArcGIS to complete my work. The real jump to QGIS was the second time I taught “GIS on Water Resources Managenment” course at PUCP in Lima. In a moment of academic, artistic and open minded inspiration I decided to change the GIS software from ArcView to QGIS. The logic behind that was: if I gave the course in QGIS, I would end learning QGIS as well. The university environment allows you to make these kind  of experiments.

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