In many parts of the world groundwater resources are in the public interest due to the increasing demands, wasteful use and pollution. To meet this challenge is to implement a good planning and practices of integrated groundwater management.

Gidahatari evaluates the flow regime and groundwater quality at regional or local level, analyzing different scenarios of demand or impact to groundwater resource. We dominated most softwares for hydrogeological and hydrochemical modeling with extensive experience in projects.


We evaluate 

  • Design and sustainability of production wells.
  • Hydraulic tests and pumping tests using numerical modeling.
  • Balance hydrogeological basins.
  • Numerical evaluation of saline intrusion into aquifers.
  • Determination of origin of groundwater.
  • Contaminant transport modeling.
  • Design of drainage and seepage control.
  • Transient impact assessment of the quality and quantity of groundwater.




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Posted on April 5, 2015 .