The water cycle and problems related to the quantity and quality of water are complex due to its spatial character and temporally distributed. Current and predictive assessment of water resources requires advanced analysis tools.

Gidahatari mastered the most advanced code management and processing of hydrological data. We develop algorithms for parameter watershed, analysis of regional precipitation patterns, the calibration of hydrological / hydrogeochemical models, nonlinear regression hydraulic properties, among others.


We evaluate

  • Remote acquisition of hydrological and environmental data.
  • Implementation of Hydrological Information Systems (HIS).
  • Automated data collection online.
  • Automatic parameterization watershed.
  • Web development platforms for the analysis of water resources.
  • Codes for spatial analysis and generation of planes.




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Santiago de Surco - Lima
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Diagonal Paraguay 110 dpto 131 Santiago Chile
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Posted on April 5, 2015 .