Mining is closely related to hydrogeology due to the interaction of the mine workings with the regime of groundwater, leachate flow, impact watercourses and water demands of mining operations. A proper assessment of the impacts along with an efficient management of water management ensure the sustainability of mining operations.

Gidahatari is a company that advises the mining industry in analyzing all relevant to the collection, processing, use and water conservation aspects, to identify current risks and potential damage to natural flows. We dominate the main softwares for modeling flow and contaminant transport water management in mining.


We evaluate

  • Simulation of groundwater flow regime in the mining operation.
  • Calculation of income to surface and underground workings.
  • Contaminant transport modeling dumps and tailings.
  • Impact assessment wetlands and streams base.
  • Design of monitoring networks in surface and underground mine.
  • Evaluation of water for mine operations.
  • Modeling water management in the mining operation.




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Posted on April 5, 2015 .